About us

"The facilitator's job is to support everyone to do their best thinking and practice. To do this, the facilitator encourages full participation, promotes mutual understanding and cultivates shared responsibility. By supporting everyone to do their best thinking, a facilitator enables group members to search for inclusive solutions and build sustainable agreements" – Kaner, S.

Company located in Criciuma - Santa Catarina - Southern Brazil, with a group of qualified professionals and companies to provide the necessary support for your business with Brazil. Professionals from other areas will be added as the need for the Project.


  • André Parisi
    Market and International Logistics
  • Benjamín Cervera
    Business Facilitator - Spain
  • Cesario Rogerio
    Market and Management
  • Cláudio Omar B. Gomes
    Mechanical Engineer
    Market, Management, Business
  • Daniel Nedeff
    Business Facilitator - France
  • Dic Freire
    Mechanical Engineer
    Project Manager - Business Facilitator
  • Edio Castanhel
    Civil Engineer
    Building - Project and Construction
  • João de Farias Zilli
    Electrical Engineer
    Industrial Automation
  • Luiz Rodeval Alexandre
    Chemical Engineer
    Environmental Projects
  • Maurizio Savoldelli
    Business Facilitator - Italy
  • Moacir José Orsatto
    Chemical Engineer
    Raw Materials, Ceramic Specialist
  • Oscar Rubem Klegues Montedo
    Chemical Engineer, PhD
    Research and Development, Ceramic Specialist
  • Paulo Humann
    Chemical Engineer, M.Sc.
    Technology, Research and Development
  • Roger R. Riehl
    Mechanical Engineer, PhD
    Energy, WTE, Thermal Control
  • Rogério Brum
    Mechanical Engineer
    Industrial Districts, Gas and Energy
  • Sérgio Menezes
    Civil Engineer
    Strutural Projects, Pathologies and Evaluations